Organised by the company to assess the effectiveness of the current systems and evaluate any potential changes that may be required. This is recommended good practise for businesses to ensure they are working inline with legislation and operating to the highest standard within their industry.

2nd Party Audits are organised by the company on their suppliers, to ensure they are meeting the standards specified within the contract. These Audits can be carried out on site or remotely through reviewing documentation thus ensuring they are meeting legal and contractual requirements. This is recommended to contribute to a company’s due-diligence.

3rd Party Audits are from external sources such as; SALSA, STS and BRC etc. We offer support throughout the whole process for our clients, we recommend a full system and documentation review as well as, a Gap Analysis Audit prior to the 3rd Party Audit.

This highlights the key areas that require attention to reduce the risk of Non-Conformities being raised in the 3rd Party Audit. We are also available to be present on the day of the Audit to liaise with the external body, offer technical support and advice ensuring the audit runs smoothly- we will handle all of the technicalities.

Compliance Audits are carried out by the Local Authority and Food Standards Agency, whether this be on a retailer or small manufacturer and fall under their Local Authority or on a larger scale manufacturing operation and be carried out by The Food Standards Agency. We offer ongoing support throughout the process and thereafter to ensure the highest standards are upheld. We are available to be present on the day of an announced Audit to offer our support, guidance and technical expertise.

At Henshaw Safety & Training Solutions, we ensure an emphasis on the utmost client care- We will be there as much or as little as you require; we believe that with the correct support and guidance all businesses can uphold an exceptional standard of Food Safety.

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