This qualification is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of Food Allergens and foods that commonly cause intolerances, this knowledge is vital when working within the Food Industry; lack of awareness can have serious consequences.

Course Content-

  • The importance of providing accurate allergen information and the potential implications of failing to provide correct information to consumers
  • Identifying the common symptoms of allergic reactions and food intolerances
  • Identifying common food allergens and foods commonly causing intolerances
  • Understanding the procedures for identifying and controlling contamination from allergenic ingredients
  • Knowing common sources and vehicles of contamination, and appropriate hygiene controls that food handlers should follow to prevent allergenic contamination in catering businesses
  • Identifying potential Food Allergen cross-contamination hazards and controls at specific process steps from purchase to service
  • Understanding the procedures for the accurate communication of Allergen Information to consumers
  • Identifying methods of locating accurate Allergen Information


These qualifications are provided by The Highfield Group.

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