keep it simple and safeHere are just some of our specialist courses:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Metal Detection
  • Temperature Monitoring Course
  • Listeria Monitoring Course
  • Due Diligence Course
  • Hand Washing (Micro-Teach)

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Root Cause Analysis: The essence of this course is learning to recognise where an issue originally started, how this can be prevented in the future and the steps involved to implement the corrective actions required. 

Metal Detection: This course will take you through the steps of metal detection, the importance of it within the Food Industry, how to recognise a rejected product, how to deal with product recalls and metal detector calibration.

Temperature Monitoring Course: The importance of precise and regular temperature monitoring is often overlooked within the Food Industry. This course will cover why temperature monitoring is important, equipment calibration, how to accurately take temperatures, how to correctly document temperatures, actions to be taken for ‘out of specification’ temperature reading and management of records.

Listeria Awareness Course: Listeria monocytogenes is the species of pathogenic bacteria that is incredibly robust and can lay dormant for long periods of time- Capable of surviving in the presence or absence of oxygen. This course will cover the background of Listeria Monocytogenes, where it is often found, how dangerous it is, outbreaks, high risk groups, personal hygiene, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and recall procedure.

Traceability Course: Full Traceability throughout production, processing and distribution is a legal requirement, this applies to any Food Business at all stages in the Food Chain. This course will cover complying with legislation, why traceability is important, managing/writing a traceability system and testing the effectiveness through challenging your traceability system.

Due Diligence Course: Most businesses presume they will never need a due-diligence defence, unfortunately this is not the case. Building an extensive due-diligence defensive is key to ensuring your business remains legally compliant and protected. This course will give an in-depth insight into what due diligence is, the importance of due-diligence, how to create and manage your due-diligence systems, and testing/reviewing of your systems.

Hand Washing (Micro-Teach): We presume that everyone knows how to effectively wash their hands, although a study of 3700 people showed that a staggering 95% didn’t wash their hands in the correct manner. This course will cover the importance of hand washing, the bacteria the human body naturally inhabits, the five steps to wash your hands the right way, instilling correct hand washing throughout the workforce, embedding into your Food Safety Culture and some quick easy tips to test the effectiveness of your hand washing.

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