The first consultation ensures that we have established the industry the client operates within, any queries they have and explain how our expertise can support and guide their business. We will establish which standardised system the client is working with e.g. BRCGS.

We will then arrange to complete a gap analysis to establish areas of which require attention within the company to ensure compliance. This will include a full review of the company’s systems, as well as an internal audit to ensure the company is complying with the standard.

Any non-conformities raised will be written into a report, we will then work with the company to ensure each is actioned appropriately and work towards compliance with the standard.

Once all of the necessary work is completed, we will then do a final review of systems and walk the process flow to verify the system is operating as stated. Once the client is 100% happy with the outcome, the company will be ready for their External Audit/Approval Process.

With today’s technology we can operate on a remote basis from our office through conference calls and shared documentation platforms. This is down to the client’s preference; we would recommend that we are present on site for the External Audit or Approval Process.

At Henshaw Safety & Training Solutions, we ensure an emphasis on the utmost client care- We will be there as much or as little as you require; we believe that with the correct support and guidance all businesses can uphold an exceptional standard of Food Safety.

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